Specialist Bloodstock Research

OCAE provides an independent specialist consultancy service to the bloodstock sector with particular emphasis on correcting mineral deficiencies and imbalances in the soil and grass.

OCAE have developed a farm scan procedure using detailed soil, herbage, diet and animal tissue analyses for diagnosing and correcting inherent or induced mineral imbalances. The farm scan procedure is tailored for each individual client.

OCAE has carried out specific research on R.equi and it’s distribution in the soils of leading thoroughbred breeding areas.

OCAE also provide specialist advice on grassland management including advice on:

  • Appropriate nutrient recommendations
  • Grass seed establishment techniques
  • Grass seed selection
  • Weed control
  • Grazing Management
  • Fram machinery & equipment

OCAE are currently servicing bloodstock clients throughout Ireland and the UK.