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Irish Governmental Websites

Irish Government

ENFO (Environmental Information Office)

Environmental Protection Agency

Department of the Environment and Local Government

Enterprise Ireland

Clean Technology Centre The main objective of the CTC is to encourage sustainable production and sustainable consumption, to do this the CTC offer innovative ideas to prevent "end-of-pipe" waste.

Agricultural Interests (IAS Laboratories Ltd)  (Dept of Agriculture & Food) (UCD Agriculture & Foodscience Dept) (Agr. Consultants Asssociation) (Cré)


Environmental Interests (the Met Office) (Ordinance Survey of Ireland) (Geological survey of Ireland) (Cré) ( Ireland's Packaging Compliance Scheme) ( Waste Electrical & Electroinc Goods Compliance Scheme) (Waste management website)


(ESAI) Archives of Environmental Sciences Association of Ireland

Dúchas (Heritage Ireland)




European / International Interests  (Packaging research group for sustainable packaging) (UK Dept of Agriculture) 

United Nations Environment Programme

European Environmental Agency

The European Commission

PRO Europe (Packaging Recovery Organisation Europe)


Aluminium Industry

ALUPRO UK (Aluminium Packaging Recycling Organisation) 

Novelis Recycling

Aluminium Federation

European Aluminium Association

European Aluminium Foil Association