Working towards a sustainable environment

Bloodstock Agronomy Services

OCAE consultants provide specialist agronomy and husbandry advice for the bloodstock industry on maximising the potential for balanced dietary uptake from grassland.  OCAE consultants provide impartial and independent advice to the stud owner/manager requiring individual guidance for their stud farm.

This entails

  • Regular and routine grassland inspection
  • Analyses
  • Guidance based on in-the-field observations

In addition, longer-term strategies can be formulated to keep the stud farm business competitive and profitable. The benefits will be seen in improved grassland and mineral uptake and the confidence that equine nutrition on-farm is monitored and managed in a quantifiable manner.

This division also provides advice based on trial work carried out at OCAE Research Farm, on all areas of soil and grassland management and has conducted relevant trials in all areas of agronomy including soil management, plant nutrition, chemical evaluation, seed dressings, varieties, environmental impact and biodiversity.