Working towards a sustainable environment

Landbank Management Services

OCAE Consultants provide Landbank Management Services to public and private sector clients.  Our clients include IPPC license holders in the food, drinks and meat industries, local authorities, composting companies and commercial stud farms.

The basis for good landbank management is to;

  1. To ensure sufficient land is provided from the out set to accomodate any fluctuations in supply of product
  2. To ensure sufficient storage capacity is available for product in the event of unfavourable climatic conditions for landspreading
  3. Timely provision of documentation to relevant authority to ensure approval for application of product within the spreading window
  4. Provide significant reserve areas to allow for strategic rotation of the product 
  5. All NMP’s must be prepared in accordance with EPA and Local Authority requirements and all relevant legislation, including EC (Good Agricultural Practice for Protection of Waters) Regulations 2006, SI 148 …
  6. Provide modern and high tech machinery for product application to ensure even and accurate spreading
  7. Provide full traceability and accurate record keeping to ensure compliance