Working towards a sustainable environment

Nutrient Management Planning

Sustainable agriculture requires that soil and water quality be maintained. If excessive fertilizer or organic manure is applied, the nutrient surplus will be available for transport to water. Organic nutrients can be transported to surface and ground waters quickly and will eventually be converted to inorganic forms causing pollution of aquatic environments.

Nutrient Management Planning is a best management practice, aiming to optimize crop yield and quality whilst minimizing fertilizer input and thereby protecting soil and water resources.

The principles are simple:

  • Applying fertilizer to make up the difference between what there is and what is required, to achieve the target yield only;
  • Ensuring that the added nutrient is available to the crop.

In other words, the right amount of the right product in the right place at the right time.


OCAE Consultants are trained in Nutrient Management Planning (NMP) and can provide soil analysis and plans to meet the needs of Local Authorities and the EPA. Through our affiliated laboratory IAS (Independent Analytical Supplies Laboratories Limited) we can provide a fast turnaround time for soil analysis.