Working towards a sustainable environment

Contract Field Trials Facility

OCAE is an independent agronomy service provider. We do not sell seeds, fertilizers or agrochemicals, but provide impartial agronomic information on a wide range of organic fertilizers.

OCAE interacts with farmers and land users to support and guide its’ direction and to ensure that they always provide impartial advice to those at the cutting edge. The aim of this advice is to improve crop yield whilst providing an environmentally safe end-use for organic by-products.

A vital function of OCAE research is to seek funding from charitable, levy or government sources, often in collaboration with partner organizations and institutions e.g. WRAP, undertaking strategic agronomic research projects of local and national scale.

Research commissioned and funded by OCAE clients, according to their specific needs, is reported only to them but also forms part of the OCAE R&D program.  Research and reports conducted by commercial contract may either be made confidentially or, with a facility to make the information available generally. To ensure that knowledge gained is disseminated quickly and effectively, OCAE is looking at initiatives aimed at offering low cost access to a wide variety of research undertaken at Ballinderry Research Farm.