Working towards a sustainable environment



OCAE use QGIS to create a variety of high quality maps for various uses within the consultancy.

With data collected from fieldwork we create comprehensive maps detailing a variety of information including drains, rivers, aquifers, soil type and geology. This information is used to create maps for Nutrient Management Plans.

OCAE map the extents of paddocks for various stud farms nationwide and internationally.

We use GPS tracking to log exactly where samples were taken from when the soil analysis results are issued. The information from the analysis can then be represented and easily interpreted with maps created by OCAE.

OCAE provides clients a bespoke mapping service for farms and stud farms:

• Provide laminated wall maps for management use.
• Provide A4 size laminated maps for field use.
• Provide a PDF version for computers and phones
• Identify field and paddock boundaries and area.
• List field and paddock names.
• List land use, colour coded.
• Field data i.e soil results, soil profiles, etc.