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Monitoring & Lab Testing

OCAE Consultants Limited and affiliated laboratory IAS (Independent Analytical Supplies Laboratories Limited) offer a wide range and quality of laboratory services that are available to all clients. Their services use the most modern and reliable analytical methods that have been shown through research to be best suited to Irish conditions. IAS labs operate to the highest scientific standards and are operated by highly qualified technicians and scientists. Through OCAE Monitoring Services, all clients have access to the complete range of services.

Soil Testing

Soil testing provides essential information on soil health and baseline nutrient status. It forms the basis for efficient, cost effective use of lime, fertilisers and trace elements. Soil testing is now a key component in Nutrient Management Planning and is playing an important role in ensuring that the loss of nutrients from agriculture to surface water is minimised.

In addition to the standard soil analysis for pH, lime requirement, phosphorus and potassium, a range of specific analyses are available for trace elements, CEC, organic matter and sand, silt, clay proportions. We provide soil test requirements, for crop producers, for stud farmers and other specialised areas. All analysis is backed up by advice from an adviser who is familiar with local soil conditions. 

Water Testing

We carry out all water testing for a variety of purposes including general safety monitoring or for individuals applying for private well filtration system grants. In conjunction with IAS, we provide a full service, from supplying sample bottles, carrying out all analysis and providing a full explanation of your results. Water supplies for industrial, home or agri-business purposes can be tested for hardness, for chemical composition or for biological and faecal contamination.

Sludge & Leachate Testing

We provide the service of testing Sludges for a range of analysis such as N, P, K and Dry Matter. We test a range of Paunch, Belly Grass, Dried and Cake type sludges. Testing of sludge for heavy metals is also significantly important. We can carry out full heavy metal analysis to low limits of detection.

Crops and Herbage Testing

To investigate reasons for poor crop growth or animal performance difficulties it is essential to analyse the crops or the herbage being fed. Trace element deficiencies are common in crop production. When mineral disorder problems are experienced in livestock it is recommended that grass, silage or hay being fed is analysed for a range of elements such as copper, molybdenum, sulphur and selenium.

In order to promptly address on-farm issues IAS prioirtise grass and crop analysis.

Fodders and Organic Manures Testing

Detailed knowledge of the feeding value of silage, hay, meals or other feeds is essential for cost effective production. OCAE Consultants advisory service will arrange to have samples taken and analysed. Advisers and crop producers use analysis results to provide the optimum feeding programme for each class of stock. Tests to establish the dry matter, N, P & K content of slurry or other animal manures are available.

Hair and Animal Tissue Testing

Hair analysis is one of the best ways to obtain a comprehensive and accurate indication of mineral deficiency in an animal. Because it is impacted upon by a number of factors such as hormones, environment and the blood it is an effective indicator of the animal mineral profile.

Blood and animal tissue such as liver can also be analysed to determine mineral status of the animal.