Working towards a sustainable environment

Telecoms giant O2 has been recertified to the highest possible level of supply chain management to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

The contractually obliged suppliers represent almost 21% of O2’s supply chain emissions

The contractually obliged suppliers represent almost 21% of O2’s supply chain emissions

O2 has announced that it has achieved recertification to the Carbon Trust Standard for Supply Chain at level 3, the highest certification that can be achieved. The standard is awarded for firms that showcase a targeted approach to year-on-year supply chain carbon emissions reductions through identification and engagement measures with suppliers.

Level 3 requires firms to “demonstrate reductions in specified parts of the supply chain”, which O2 achieved through contractual engagements with suppliers to enrol in carbon reduction programmes. The contractually obliged suppliers represent almost 21% of O2’s supply chain emissions.

O2’s director of corporate responsibility and sustainability Bill Eyres, said: “Given our procurement footprint, we have the opportunity, the responsibility and the influence to improve sustainability within our supply chain. This is all part of our commitment to being a responsible and sustainable business.                                                                                                     

“Today we are already contractually engaged in carbon reduction programmes with suppliers representing more than a quarter of our supply chain emission sources, and we anticipate actively engaging even more of our suppliers in the future.  It is fitting that we share that O2 has achieved re-certification to the Carbon Trust Supply Chain Standard on World Environment Day.”

O2 was first awarded a Carbon Trust Standard for Carbon in 2010 for successfully reducing operational emissions, which has fallen by 80% in a five-year period from a 2010 baseline. The company was first awarded level 3 status in 2017.

As part of the O2’s carbon reduction commitment, the company validates programmes from major suppliers, which are then built in contractual agreements.

The firm was also the first mobile company in the world to achieve the Carbon Trust Triple Standard for carbon, water and waste in 2014.

Singapore office

As for the Carbon Trust, the organisation has today (6 June) announced an expansion into South East Asia, with the launch of a new office in Singapore. The focus of the expansion will be to support the delivery of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) Low Carbon Energy Programme (LCEP).

The £15m programme, which is supported by the UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office’s Prosperity Fund, will see the Carbon Trust support energy efficiency delivery plans across five countries: Malaysia, Myanmar, Philippines, Thailand and Vietnam.

The Carbon Trust’s chief executive Tom Delay CBE said: “We believe in a future where economic prosperity and environmental sustainability go hand in hand. The Carbon Trust works with leading businesses, governments and organisations to make this real and accelerate the move to a sustainable, low carbon economy. Expanding our presence in Asia will enable us to support green growth in this key region and we’re excited to be here.”

Matt Mace