Working towards a sustainable environment

Episode 65 of the Sustainable Business Covered podcast sees edie’s content editor Matt Mace and reporter Sarah George discuss net-zero legislation before introducing three exclusive interviews focused on resource efficiency with Canary Wharf Group, the Eden Project and the London Waste and Recycling Board (LWARB).

Image credits: Canary Wharf Group and Eden Project Communities

Image credits: Canary Wharf Group and Eden Project Communities

The latest Sustainable Business covered podcast starts with reflections on the major announcement from Government that a net-zero emissions target will be enshrined into law, as well as an honest review on the latest Hugh’s War on Waste television series, which is focusing on plastics.

As for the interviews, Matt heads to London to chat to LWARB’s chief executive Wayne Hubbard to get an update on how London Circular Economy Week is mobilising closed-loop action in the capital.

Elsewhere Sarah is chatting plastic-free communities with Canary Wharf Group’s head of sustainability Martin Gettings and discussing social sustainability and Big Lunches with the Eden Project’s executive director Peter Stewart.

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